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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 27, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> and that is him at home. >> that is how he is all the time. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure to watch neil cavuto "your world." see you tomorrow. >> greg: hello, i'm the jim dandy eye candy, greg gutfeld. she is so hot, the sun blisters. kimberly guilfoyle. gem of the dems, bob beckel. bronze bomber eric bolling. she gets to work on chauffeur-driven rainbow. it's dana perino. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." let's do this, america. ♪ ♪ some folks think pollsters are rigging results targeting democrats. not me, i see nothing unbalanced about npr taking poll in organic food cooperative on the west side.
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polls are like the grateful dead. you follow them or you don't. like the dead, polls are just noise that make tippie dance. some accuse the gullibility for buying this stuff but not me. the media knows what it's doing but they do it anyway. why is that? they're the most despotic entity today, shadow government setting policy and calling shots. the main stream media decide the ends justify the means and assume decision-making power reporting what it wants to. so fox is the only place to tune in and not be scolded in submission, only place you can feel good about your country. shut up, bob. today people don't want to hear the gripe show all the time. that is why the main stream media is losing viewers. they got a new friend. look at libya. you now have hacks covering for obama coming out gainst american values. take a look at slate. where one guy faults the united states for the silly first amendment. it's not them. it's us. i say we are turning in to big brother, but that's racist.
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>> eric: oh! >> bob: there's a start right there. >> greg: thank you. i am on muscle relaxants, no wonder what i did there. >> kimberly: no wonder you're so friendly. >> greg: i'm friendly all the time. you just ignore me. you talk about the polls. i want to talk about rush limbaugh. he's talking about how the polls reflect the mind set or ideology of democrats, not america as whole. take it from there. >> the purpose of the people right now, most of them doing the polls, they're trying to make news, not reflect it. advancing an agenda. they all have different jobs. the polls are the replacement refs. they watch and they see certain things and don't see other things. they don't call certain things. other things go by. it has to be some truth to that, right? >> bob: no. they're not all republicans or
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democrats. rush, stick to what he does well, a radio talk show host. not try to second guess pollsters. you can argue about how the polls are reflected. in the end, most of them are unbelievably accurate in the politics and other things. i think all the attacks on polls if you're not doing well in polls, that is the time you attack them. >> eric: how can they, most of them turn out to be unbelievably accurate when you have one pollster saying that obama and romney are tied neck and neck and another is saying that obama has a seven-point lead? >> bob: plus or minus 4%. >> kimberly: it depends whether the department of justice is doing one of the polls. >> eric: everyone else knows because you did this, you can make a poll to say whatever you want.
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to suggest they're apart because they want to do is not fair to them. >> dana: one complaint about the polls it's a simple. looking at who came out in 2008 to vote for president obama will not be the same in 2012. some of the more conservative republicans pollsters say they are smoking something if they think it will be the same turn-out in 2008. that is not the case. the polling is using that same model. that is their complaint. >> greg: what do you mean by smoking something? you lost me. >> dana: muscle relaxant -- >> greg: is this media bias? >> kimberly: there is significant media bias. that has been proven over and over. people want to believe mainstream media, go ahead. sign up for four more years for record high unemployment, declining household values. loss of prestige and credibility and influence of the u.s. overseas and in this country.
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they have 41 more days. >> bob: the idea that the pew institute is trying to change the election, i don't buy it. there are good pollsters in there. >> eric: take the one everyone talking about today, cbs/"new york times" poll. they went to the swing state, battleground state. in your, plus four republican. 2008, plus three democrat. they want to us believe it's plus nine democrat in ohio state. when the last poll was plus four, 2005. pennsylvania, plus nine democratic. as long as it's broken down correctly, male/female, race, et cetera, you're all right with it. how about the sampling?
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>> bob: they always oversampled democrats but there are more democrats in this country than republicans. >> dana: not in those states. >> bob: pennsylvania is hugely more democratic. but not florida. the other thing to take in account, 2004 to 2008, there are millions of people voting process. we're not taking that in to account. one of hardest things for pollsters to figure out who are the new voters coming in, who haven't voted before. to say they took the 2008 numbers, a lot of them purposely go out and don't do that, because they know they won't get that turn-out by young people. >> greg: i want to talk more about the media. sean hannity had strong words about how obama used the medi media. >> i am going to tell you something. all you liberals out there. all you people in the media. i am telling you that obama in private is laughing his ass off at all of you, because you are so dumb, so gullible, so
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easily manipulated. all he has to do is tell you there is a doughnut in the sky, and you'll report there is a doughnut in the sky. behind the scenes he's advancing his radical agenda and you are helping him do. >> greg: is there a doughnut in the sky? >> dana: i'll look when we leigh here. if you look, remember a couple of weeks ago we tuck about president obama had not done a white house press conference in six months then he showed up to take questions. goes on "the view" and doesn't talk to anyone here. that is a pattern that leads to the media that do the polls every day. maybe they think they are helping the electorate. instead of giving us any substance of what does it mean? what would they do? x, y, z, they write a poll. your best line is we have more polls than poland.
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>> bob: both campaigns have intense polling operations. they make decisions based on polling. obama has somewhat of lead, particularly in ohio, he wants to stay away from questions that are tough. my advice to him is do no press. 'canes who dropped the ball in libya? that question. >> bob: i say don't get into it. loo the main stream media will report all day. we listen to msnbc, and obama won the election all day. a couple days ago when he announced he would not meet with leaders around the world because the race was too, too deep in the campaign. so it's okay you don't have to meet with the world leaders in a battle for white house. then two days later you it locked up. media bias there? a little? >> bob: you know, the thing about media, people go to get their own ideology fulfilled every day.
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i go to liberal blogs you go to conservative blogs. you don't buy the "new york times" and take advice from them? i don't buy "washington times." and take advice from them. >> kimberly: we read all of it. we get all of it. not true. >> dana: he doesn't read anything. >> kimberly: we get it all. >> greg: "us weekly." >> bob: what is that called? ebonics? >> dana: no, no. that is not what it's called. all these things across the board except for ohio, unemployment is worse. spending is up across the board. healthcare bill remains exceedingly unpopular. college tuition is up. poverty has gone up. not a credible plan advanced by the current white house. they would rather as you said ignore it and hope they get through the election without having to answer a single thing.
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>> greg: it's a high school election. popularity contest. the media loves the quarterback. >> eric: can i make a quick point about the poll? >> dana: everybody loves the quarterback. >> eric: the big deal with obama with a big lead is it dampens the enthusiasm. republicans are going what is the point of voting? i'll stay away from this. they have it locked up. >> greg: or the reverse, making the lead look commanding that people won't go out and vote for obama. >> bob: you know something -- >> dana: you could say that. >> eric: you vote for the winner. people want to jump on the bandwagon. >> dana: not as much as the other way. >> bob: listen, they are going to poll ohio. it's a critical state. the fact is obama has a substantial lead in ohio. he does. you may not want to hear that -- >> eric: if you look at the poll, they poll people who are tuned in looking deeply in race, not just somewhat involved. looking deeply in to it. neck and neck.
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48 and 49%. >> bob: first, one or two-point race? yes. of course, but not in ohio. >> greg: we have to move on. >> kimberly: it matters about the swing state. >> greg: i never want to polls again. honestly, i don't like polls. i love poland, i like polish people and polish hot dogs and the stripper poles. and the barber poles. i hate these polls. coming up, in 2008, senator obama made this promise -- >> i am pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of hi first term in office. >> greg: i hate those. yellow curtains. four years later and he hasn't gotten it done. why? you will hear from the president. you are not going to let me say danl eat a live bunny if you leave? >> dana: ruin my reputation. >> greg: too late. ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card
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>> dana: in 2008, then candidate obama thought trillions of dollars of debt was unpatriotic is what he said. once inaugurated in 2009, he promised the american people he would deal with the deficit problem. listen. >> we now have over $9 trillion of debt. that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. today i'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office. >> dana: four years later, president obama in front of the yellow curtain that gutfeld hates and failed to deliver on the promise. does he take responsibility for not getting it done? >> as president, i take responsibility for everything to some degree. when i came in office, i inherted the biggest deficit in our history. over the last four years the deficit has gone up. but 90% of that is consequence
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of two wars that weren't paid for. prescription drug plan that wasn't paid for. worst economic disaster since depression. >> dana: he got four pinocchios. >> greg: nobody is buying this. this is presidential equivalent of the dog ate my homework or the president ate my dog who ate my homework. let it go. it's over. both parties are to blame about spending. but he tied a rocket to it. you know? that is a fat guy tweaking. >> do we even know what kind of dog? >> dana: i don't really -- >> eric: talk walking down the street -- >> greg: who speaks for eaten dog. >> bob: good example of -- do go ahead. >> eric: to give you an example. okay. so -- [over talking ]
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under president obama whic thiss what we have gotten. $100, economic activity. it cost us $3 trillion. $300 in debt. but to get $300 in debt, you have to spend $700. you have to spend $700 to get the $100 economic activity under president obama. >> kimberly: don't give that to bob. >> eric: give me a break. >> greg: what is this powde powder? >> bob: 90% of bills have cocaine on them. >> dana: the deficit numbers are so big it can go over your head. focus for a second on the blame part. why do you think president obama constantly looks back. have you picked out any date, you can pick the scapegoat. if you look to '18-'89, bob could they's reagan. if you look at clinton years or just at bush years. under president obama, the gdp spending, percentage that is
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the deficit is up almost 25%. which president bush was at 20%. so if you only look at those decades you could pick out any scapegoat you want. >> kimberly: sure. how does he escape the fact, how does he escape the fact about the deficit? how do you get from ten to 16? if he gets four more years he will have doubled the deficit. i bet you it will be larger. then there is no check on him. no threat of getting elected again. he will go ahead and do everything they want. >> dana: he could have showed a path forward to dealing with this for either dealing with accepting symbol plan or the super committee plan he asked for. the white house really undermines those efforts. now this week, david axelrod, the president campaign manager said he doesn't need a plan for entitlement. that is driving the deficit spending. >> bob: one thing you learn about campaign, never make prediction you can't contain. you cut the deficit by 5%. people out there, don't say
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that is reasonable. half is too much -- but i'll say this. holding on longer with people about the inherited economic situation he had. and obama has been stoking that. no question about it. it will bit will have a little . classic case. tell candidates don't make the exaggerated statements like this. it comes back to bite you. >> eric: who is he going to blame if he wins re-election? i inherited a big debt from the last guy? he was the last guy. 29 republican governors in america. 20 democrats and one independent. the 29 republican governors have a full point up -- nine-tenth of 1% lower unemployment because they're doing things, cutting spending, trying not to spend -- >> dana: reform like wisconsin. >> eric: 7.8% under republicans. >> dana: your take is the biggest factor of deficit is economic growth. if economic growth is
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suppressed you won't get tax revenue you need to bring it down. >> eric: only way to get out of the debt, cutting spending, isn't taxing more, creating growth. only thing that creates growth is -- >> kimberly: did you follow that? >> bob: can i make one point on your statistics. in the 50 years there have been presidents in the last 50 years more republicans held office than democrats and yet democrats twice as many jobs created under democrat president. >> greg: you can't use that. >> kimberly: not under obama. >> greg: the basic thing the job happened here because of this president. you have can't prove that. >> dana: in the "60 minutes" interview when president obama talks about medicare part "d" and complaining that it was unfunded, one, more competitive and cost much less. in obamacare, they actually expand that program greatly. how are we paying for it? middle class tax increases. >> bob: republicans are saying that there is no way they can do away with if it obama is re-elected. that's right. i don't know how you undo a
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law like that -- >> dana: where did you hear that? liberal blog? >> bob: probably was. >> dana: the latest person to contradict the white house on the terror attack in benghazi. does he think the anti-muhammad movie related to the murder of four americans? you will hear from him directly when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: the daily beast is reporting since 24 hours of the benghazi attack on september 11, u.s. intelligence agencies had strong indications that
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al-qaeda was behind the attack. the president never personally called it terrorism. in fact, yesterday on the view, he dogged the question. at the u.n., he didn't call it terror. today, press secretary jay carney said the president evidently does think it's terrorism. earlier today, libyan president was asked what role the video played in the attack. >> this was a preplanned attack, not a reaction to a controversial movie. >> yes. i have no doubt of this. >> do you think the movie had anything to do with this attack? >> not on this. it has nothing to do with this attack. >> kimberly: but just yesterday president obama was still blaming the youtube video for the islamic violence. >> that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. >> kimberly: so the question
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is, have they been lying? the issue now, eric, is are they lying? are they incompetent, both? did they know already? why now all of a sudden the change? >> eric: you know, i'm not more concerned that they didn't know or they did know. but clearly, if the interim president of libya says it was a terrorist attack, preplanne preplanned, preplanned terrorist attack. we go with him. he is there and boots on the ground. more intel than we do. not to say that president obama season kind of right saying he had the violence that spreading throughout the middle east is because of the movie. it may be. the four people who are dead aren't dead because of the movie. they're dead because of a terrorism attack. >> dana: who spread the word about the movie? >> greg: that is the question. that is the million-dollar question. we don't have a smoking gun. we have a smoking bazooka. primary source with inside information, which means the three major networks are going to ignore it. which means the real story is where is the story about the film come from?
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where is the primary source? who decided that the film was at fault? some enterprising journalist, somebody with more time than any of us should find out where that started. in this case, you don't follow the money, you follow the means. >> bob: can i follow what he said here? he has his own problems in libya, which is severe. part of the country where more and more terrorist groups are coming in. they're not connected with al-qaeda. but they take the name. his local politics to deal with terrorism. he's got to deal with that every day. tribal councilmember. obvious he says it's terrorist. >> dana: he has everything to gain politically in the eyes of the world agreeing with president obama to give the administration cover to say to say this is because of the video. he says we have a terrorism problem in libya and we need the american help. >> bob: what he is saying from his standpoint is the
2:30 am
right thing to say. >> dana: it's a fact. >> kimberly: this is within 24 hours. why are they lying? why? >> bob: i said this earlier. what i'm saying, trying to explain what his politics are. in that country, trying to slitfy a government where he has major terrorist attac attacktivity -- >> kimberly: you can't justify lying to the american people. he is our president. he is supposed to -- >> bob: how did he lie? >> kimberly: they knew. they had the information. they had intel, no offense bob, ahead of time what was going on there. >> bob: it's easier to be -- >> kimberly: they decided to lie to our faces like we're stupid. >> bob: it's easier to be a tv pundit and say this was a terrorist attack. without all the information at hand -- >> bob: like you did. >> that is not fair. that is not fair. it's not pundits. hillary clinton three times blaming the movie. ambassador susan rice blaming
2:31 am
the movie. two or three times before he said it's evident it was terrorism. >> bob: did i say it was terrorist? >> eric: you did. talk about the four dead americans. >> bob: i agree with you on that. the rest of the demonstrations are about the movie how do we know where the movie came from? i don't know the answer. >> greg: you are misinterpreting what i'm saying. i don't care about the movie. i care that the movie caused this. that is baloney. the movie got 90% of the people never saw the movie because it was blocked. it's baloney and pretense. why do the press and the administration jump on to it? they believed it. they believe that america at fault for everything. >> bob: true about libya. how does it explain protest in ethiopia -- >> greg: they're idiots. >> eric: stay on libya.
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four are dead. we'll talk about them later. >> dana: also because it is the american president, secretary of state, everybody else saying loudly it's because of the video fueling the flames. doing public service announcement, it wasn't us now. how many other things will surface to blame for that? important to separate it out from us. that's where the coverup. >> kimberly: lying, incompetent and free speech. >> bob: before you accuse people of lying like that, you bet ver evidence of that. >> eric: here is the evidence. >> kimberly: they knew about it ahead of time. >> eric: when tens of thousands -- at the time of the attack, that video had 300 views. that thing hadn't been seen yet. >> bob: how fast does it go
2:33 am
from one country to another, to another? >> greg: irrelevant. >> bob: it's not. >> greg: most of the protesters were groups of 100. the media generated exaggerated it focusing on it because they themselves believed it was the fault of the video. they killed each other over video that is our fault. >> bob: what is your answer to why the other people demonstrated? >> eric: radical fundamentalists gand crazy. giants game. our team is winning. great. >> kimberly: their form of a tailgate. give me a break. national behavior on jihadists. >> bob: trying to not blame it all on 1 preponderanc 1.5 mu. >> greg: we're not. media goes there and constantly links it to the film. if you look at other networks they say it's caused by -- >> bobby --
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[ overtalk ] >> kimberly: we have given them justification. they will come up with another video. apologize again and take out ads in pakistan and everywhere else. >> bob: then we'll bomb them. >> kimberly: whatever. >> kimberly: coming up, democrats try to inject mitt romney's religion in presidential race again. is that a smart move when president obama sat in reverend wright's pew for years. >> stuff overseas now brought back in to our own front yard. america's chickens. coming home to new york and
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"the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: senator harry reid lost his marbles?
2:40 am
listen to the senate majority leader call romney's mormonism in question. >> there are a lot of members of the lds church, latter day-saints church. they understand that he is not the face of mormonism. >> eric: but he is no stranger to outrageous claims. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> eric: see, i guess maybe he has. now listen to dirty harry when asked questions he didn't want to answer. >> i don't want to answer that question. that is a clown question, bro. >> eric: so good you got to hear it again. >> that's a clown question, bro. [ laughter ] >> eric: clown question. since we're talking oval office hopefuls in the religious influences now listen to president obama favorite pastor.
2:41 am
>> bob: here we go. >> eric: none other than the one and only reverend jerry wright. >> god bless america. no, no, no. not god bless america. god damn america. >> eric: you know what they say, show me the man's pastor of 20 years and i'll show you the man. bob? >> bob: i hadn't seen that before. outrageous video to be brought out now. the last obama thing was 15 years ago. now we have reverend wright. harry reid is not the guy i would have as my hit man here. being a hit man is part of presidential politics. it happens. the republicans are not exactly all clean on this to say the least. i don't know what the complaint about the mormonism is, what the base of it is. people are not going to vote for him because he's mormon already made up their mind. >> greg: harry reid is not the face of mormonism. he is an ass of mormonmism. bitter crank. he does what conservatives have been trying to do, to make the left look stupid. i'm convinced that --
2:42 am
>> bob: trying to. >> greg: he's operated by computer chip inside karl rove's brain. >> kimberly: double agent. programmed. >> greg: shouldn't obama ask him to apologize for offending mormons? aren't we supposed to be beyond to fenning religion? isn't this what president obama talked about last week? >> bob: apologize for reverend wright's -- >> eric: but you pointed this out. do you realize this is one accusation that claims came from the senate floor. that is supposed to be sacred thing. right? >> dana: i knew he said it about obama's taxes but i never saw it, i didn't realize it was on the floor of the united states senate. that used to mean something. >> eric: can he get in trouble for this legally? he accused romney not paying taxes. kilput my arms all the way around the law if he could get in trouble for this. i think he could. how could he make a statement, the fame and individual running for president.
2:43 am
like romneyout right lies. >> greg: talk about going back. >> kimberly: he is not the right guy. >> greg: all harry reid has to do is apologize for making that up. >> dana: his staff tried in a way. when asked about it, he said, the spokes penn said he didn't originally say that. he was quoting somebody else. who said that, as if it makes it okay. >> bob: can we make a bet here. if i can get him to apologize, can we promise never to run reverend wright? >> dana: no. but if you get pimp with the limp on the line -- >> kimberly: time for him. netanyahu no. time for pimp with the limp and lunch an vegas and picking up checks.
2:44 am
>> eric: we can go. we have a good segment coming up. let's go. coming up, we love us some football. n.f.l. is one of the best brands in the world. the referee lockout, putting that at risk or could it be brilliant business moves? bob brushed up on the pigskin last night. next. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: the football game between miami heat an the new york yankees -- no, it was the green bay packers and seattle seahawks. this underscored a major debate going on in football now. that is by the interim referees who some of whom, one of whom exactly coached high school. i mean he reffed in high school. so there was a play that was called. between the green bay packers and the seattle seahawks. okay. watch this. play-by-play.
2:49 am
quarterback, eight seconds when he threw it down. look. that was the most blatant offensive pass interference i have ever seen. it should have been called. he do go up like that. >> eric: that is not a sign for that. it's time-out. >> bob: there was no time-out left. >> eric: i know. >> bob: but the point is this, the point is this. a couple things have happened here. one is in football, usually to get in the playoffs, teams lose by one game. difference of one game. some cases they are even, 7-7. now you have guys calling the game that you and i, that we both thought were doing a good job the first week, turning out not doing a good job. >> eric: okay, so they're not doing a great job. only reason it's an issue now. i'm firmly in the camp of the n.f.l. keep them locked out until they come to bargaining table. i know it's $3 million but it also has to do with grading their performance to remove bad referees. they want the same deal teachers want. >> dana: like chicago
2:50 am
teacher strike. >> eric: over the weekend, a quarterback, i can't remember which one. two contact, helmet to helmet, lost part of his ear. when safety is an issue you make the deal. any one of those quarterbacks is worth ten time what is they're -- >> bob: did that happen to you when you were younger? >> eric: matt schaub. thank you. >> greg: dana had similar experiences in four square league when they replaced the refs and replaced them with employees from friday's. fell apart. >> bob: move out of the sports end of the table here. >> kimberly: i love football. >> bob: las vegas book, you can gamble legally lost $150 million on that call. because the betting was heavily on green bay packers, 3-1/2-point spread. with this, the reason they to get the point, they got it up -- >> dana: i know that. >> bob: okay. there is a lot of people that lost a lot of money. >> kimberly: they are angry. >> dana: shouldn't gamble then. >> kimberly: the money was
2:51 am
going the other way and they called it, they would say the game was fixed if it was the opposite way. >> bob: you can argue that, that's right. what are you going to do? you can't do it without a referee? >> dana: i have an idea what they do. >> kimberly: sue. >> dana: eventually, the n.f.l. and the refs i would assume will come to some sort of agreement. i think they should announce, the n.f.l. should announce because they are surprised by the fur ror. i heard people talking on it on the sidewalk. everybody is talking about it. it >> greg: not on the sidewalk! on the sidewalk? >> dana: my idea is there should be a rematch. n.f.l. should announce -- >> kimberly: do-over. >> dana: seattle and green bay will play in a special event and make a ton of money. it will be the rumble in the jungle. >> eric: they don't do that. what they're doing now -- >> bob: very good. who fought in the rummable in the jung? >> dana: boxing. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> eric: can we point -- >> bob: it sounded start when you said it. >> eric: th the ratings are
2:52 am
skyrocketing. >> kimberly: agenda if it was "jeopardy" you would have won. >> bob: you want to beat up unions. i was told when the segment started don't turn it in political discussion. what did you do? >> eric: i said the n.f.l. is laughing to the bank. the games, people are tuning in to how bad the referees are. >> dana: $3 million. they could make that per commercial break. >> bob: you are right about the fight. we could get it in before the super bowl next week. you are invited to the super bowl party. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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guest time for one more thing. start with mine. "the view" is on in the morning otherwise known as the knitting circumstancele in hell. take a look at this. >> why do they have to be nasty to us? greg gutfeld on fox, his quote was it's better for "o" to talk to foreign policy rather than the biddies on "the view view." >> i have a bitty for you. come see me.
2:57 am
>> bob: go see her. >> greg: i would come see her. i know what she would do to me. nasty? joy b herbr who vokeed about burning mitt's house down and called clarence thomas demonic and said gay republican were after mitt's kids and said mitt would kill us out. fake outrage is trite. >> dana: she pretended she didn't know your name. who was it? greg gutfeld. >> greg: i know, we have been dating throughout the '80s. this hurt me. >> eric: whoopi, take it. >> bob: i would let her take -- >> greg: i would let her take me an enjoy every minute of it. >> kimberly: wow. this is very bizarre. >> greg: don't judge. >> kimberly: okay. i'll do a nice thing to honor andy williams who passed away at 84 from bladder cancer. one of my favorite things was president ronald reagan called him a national treasure. somebody that everybody loved to watch, great performer. he didn't have the word
2:58 am
"retire" in him. he will be missed. >> greg: bob? >> bob: well, this is dedicated to dana and eric. the new jersey state legislature has a bill pending that puts seat belts on cats and dogs. cats and dogs. if you don't have a seat belt on cat and dog, $20 fine and charge with cruelty against animals. i can't think of anything more ridiculous in my life. i'm with mitt. strap them to the top of the car or obama, eat them. but putting a seat belt on a ridiculous dog or cat, c'mon! >> eric: great idea. >> dana: who is going to make the seat belt? >> eric: above 80-degrees you can't leave them in car even with windows down. great. protect the animals. >> bob: what are you going to do with cats? herd cats in seat belts? >> eric: who is next? >> greg: you are. >> eric: how do we say the happy day of atonement to the jewish members out here. viewers out here. day of atonement is the day jews spend 24 hours from sundown last night to sundown
2:59 am
tonight praying rather than doing anything. yom kippur. glad you got it out there. they have to wait until sunset tonight to break the fast. sunset at east coast is 6:45 p.m., west coast is 6:45:43 p.m. local time. yom kippur. >> bob: the yom kippur war, arab attacked the israel. >> dana: i have a special one more thing. i have my believe it or not, my grandchildren from scotland, my stepgrand kids are rachel and sebastian are here. and they are from scotland. can you say sebastian and rachel. most people don't realize that do you know, do you remember what you call me? do you remember? grandma america? can you say it. >> grandma america. >> dana: they went to disney world. they are here in new york city. did you enjoy disney? what did you think of the show? this show. they're speechless. as are most americans when they watchhi


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